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At Complete Rehab, Brett Duffey  is an Occupational Therapist, who specializes in the treatment of neuropathy and pain.  Something as simple as irritating sensations in your arms, legs, feet or hands can all be indicators of some form of NEUROPATHY- event if you have not been "officially" diagnosed with it.  Brett specializes in pain control and all types of Neuropathy.  He has treated over 2500 patients in the last 12 years and has had a very high success rate in dramatically relieving or completely eliminating the aforementioned symptoms.  He understands Neuropathy, the different types,  and how the 3-part neurological chain works.  He stays current with all of the latest medical breakthroughs and findings.  Unless your Doctor specializes specifically in neuropathy, Brett is aware of some things the likely have not even heard of.   He understands that no two cases of neuropathy are the same, or necessarily respond to the same medication, and will commonly require two similar but different treatment programs. 

Brett will take the time to develop a specific INDIVIDUALIZED treatment plan for you and believes in small, patient-focused care.

Brett's Specialty:  NEUROPATHY